Community Plan


In 2005 Ilminster Forum produced the first Ilminster Community Plan following consultation with the residents of Ilminster. That document identified the services and facilities in Ilminster that people felt were lacking or needed improving. It also highlighted areas of the town that residents felt could be enhanced. The Ilminster Community Plan was subsequently used as evidence to persuade many organisations to provide support and / or give funding for numerous projects. The Forum has now completed the process of producing a second Community Plan based on consultation that has taken place over 2015 and into 2016. The Community Plan 2016-2026 can be viewed here.

What is the Community Plan?

It is a document which identifies what residents love about their town and what they think needs improving. It covers important issues that affect residents such as getting about, leisure, working and local facilities. It sets out the needs, hopes and aspirations for the future of Ilminster, with an action plan of projects for achieving those aims.

How is the Community Plan produced?

Residents, businesses and organisations that make up the community are consulted through events and surveys to establish the local issues that are important to them. The information obtained through the consultation identifies what is important to residents and is used to produce an action plan of projects, which will address some of their concerns. The work is carried out by a small group of volunteers, in this case the Ilminster Forum, with the support of the District Council.

Why do a Community Plan?

  • It gives residents the opportunity to say what they feel is great about their town and what they think needs to be improved.
  • The results can be used in grant applications to gain funds for projects that will help improve the lives of people in the town.
  • It can be used to influence decision makers and encourage them to support the improvements residents want.